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Ranch House & 54.51 +/- Acres of Farmland in Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District

  • Location – Northeast corner of Mayer Ave and Snow Rd to the west of the City of Bakersfield, CA
  • Description – 1,720 sf ranch house, 3,687 sf shop, 54.51 +/- acres of farmland, and 3,232 single family residence
  • 25314 Snow Road – 3,232 sf single family residence with three bed and three bath, two HVAC units, three car garage, septic, and domestic well that is located on two acres of land on it’s own legal parcel that can be sold separately with an asking price of US $452,480
  • Asking Price – US$1,847,915

526.97 +/- Gross Acres of Colusa County Almonds

  • Location – Half mile east of Hahn and Lone Star road near the City of Arbuckle CA
  • Description – 526.97 +/- gross acres of almonds planted in 2005 and 2009
  • Water – Four (4) irrigation wells
  • Asking Price – US$15,809,100

248.82 +/- Acres of Almonds in Shafter Wasco Irrigation District

  • Location – Northeast corner of Burbank St and Shafter Rd near the City of Shafter, CA
  • Description – 248.82 +/- gross acres of almonds with Class I and II soil(s)
  • Water – Surface water delivery from Shafter Wasco Irrigation District and three (3) electric irrigation wells
  • Asking Price – US$6,500,000

817.34 +/- Gross Acres El Rancho Farms Property

  • Location – Between Sunset Blvd and Bear Mountain Blvd adjacent to City of Arvin CA
  • Description – Cold Storage, 494.28 +/- acres of vineyard, 73.80 +/- acres of almonds, 206.97 +/- acres of open ground
  • Water – 5 x 150 HP electric irrigation wells in Arvin Edison Water Storage District (AEWSD)
  • Asking Price – US$16,500,000

81.34 +/- Acres of Producing Pistachios in Semitropic Water Storage District

  • Location – Southeast corner of Palm and Taussig Ave to northwest of the City of Wasco CA
  • Description – 81.34 +/- gross acres of producing pistachios with Class I soil(s)
  • Water – One (1) irrigation well and a Class I contract with Semitropic Water Storage District
  • Asking Price – US$3,660,300

117.44± Acres of SSJMUD Almonds

  • Location- Southwest corner of the intersection of Famoso Porterville Highway and Whisler Road approximately two (2) miles to the southeast of the City of McFarland in the County of Kern and State of California.
  • Water- One (1) 200HP electric groundwater irrigation well. Property is in the Southern San Joaquin Municipal Utility District and has Class 1 priority water rights for all assessed acres with district water served out of turnout 915.
  • Asking Price- US$3,300,000.00

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