648.87 +/- Acres of Open Farmland in Wheeler Ridge Maricopa Water Storage District

  • Location – Property is located to the north of Copus Road approximately six (6) miles to the west of the intersection of Copus and Old River Road to the northwest of the City of Mettler in the County of Kern. The property consists of two separate ranches with 488.67 +/- acres of open farmland to the east and 160.00 +/- acres of open farmland approximately one and one-half (1½) miles to the west. Both ranch locations are accessed via two (2) separate easements to the benefit of the property for ingress and egress purposes off Copus Road.
  • Description – 648.87 +/- gross acres with very productive Class I & II soil(s) that have been historically farmed to carrots, cotton, lettuce, potatoes, and many other high value row crops with surface water delivered via Wheeler Ridge Maricopa Water Storage District (WRMWSD).
  • Water – Property is located within the boundaries of Wheeler Ridge Maricopa Water Storage District (WRMWSD) with 631.75 +/- contract acres for a total of 1,804 acre feet of water or 2.85 acre feet per acre at 100% allocation.
  • Pricing: US$11,030,790.00 ($17,000.00 per acre)

BROKER, DRE # 01865336
MOBILE: 661-477-3669